If you have a special request or order a large amount of food, or if you have a case of cold drinks added to your order, you will want to consider raising your tip to about 20 or 25%. pizza delivery near me has some nice tips on this. If you’re ordering a meal during bad weather, that’s something else to think about while determining what kind of tip to leave your pizza delivery driver. If it’s snowing, there’s ice on the lane, or you’re ordering during a bad storm, try to round up your tip a few bucks. Of course, you must accept the fact that your food would take longer to arrive. You can, however, try to be as generous as possible.Please don’t blame the driver if your pizza delivery is late due to bad weather in your city.

The safety of its drivers, as well as the safety of other motorists on the lane, is a top priority for any restaurant. If you’re placing an order late at night, remember to turn on your porch light so the driver doesn’t trip on the way to your house. The estimated arrival time is the time you get when you place your order. Restaurants are unable to offer time assurances to their customers for safety reasons.When pizza delivery drivers operate in frozen or snowy weather, another safety issue arises. Please make sure your driveway, pavement, and front porch are free of ice so the driver does not slip and fall. You must bear in mind that the driver will be transporting not only food but also probably alcohol. This can make handling icy conditions incredibly difficult.Please include the correct phone number when placing your order, just in case the driver wants to contact you for some reason. If you screen your calls, there’s a fair chance that if the driver calls, his or her name will appear on your screen rather than the restaurant’s.

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