Tak for mad! The Danes love food and most gatherings surround food, drinks and hygge. We Danes mostly make our own favorite dishes, but there are some dishes and tastes that are better left to the professionals…so we constantly seek out treasures like remoulade, kringle, marineret sild and aquavit at local stores. Here are some places to get Danish foods in Arizona:

Monas Danish Bakery logo Mona’s Danish Bakery

Mona’s Danish Bakery located at 4777 E. Sunrise, #113 in Tucson, Arizona, is owned and operated by Steve Hashemi who grew up in Denmark and earned his culinary degree there. He opened Mona’s 13 years ago in Tucson and has been serving mouth-watering Danish pastries, breads and desserts ever since. Special orders now being taken for Julekage, kringle, rugbrod and other Danish delights. Call 520-579-1959.


Need a Frikadeller fix? Dickmans Meat and Deli makes a ready-to-cook mix upon special request! They carry a delicious selection and are the best butcher in all Tucson. Call Dickman’s and ask how to order their Danish meatball mix.(520) 885-8020



Where to buy Herring in Tucson? Ahh…the age-old question! Here’s a Herring article that might steer your ship to the right harbor. We hear Schlomo & Vitos’ Deli carries herrings. European Market & Deli carries smoked fishes & eel. AJ’s Fine Foods, Safeway and Costco have all been found to stock the tasty fish…and please, tell us where do you get YOURS?

Of course there’s ost, øl, aquavit and lots of other Danish tastes to be found. Share your shopping tips on the Danes in the Desert Facebook page.

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