Knee pain treatment for those suffering from a Davidson condition (which is also known as Stenosis) is dependent on the severity of the injury and how long it has taken to heal. The time it takes to heal knees depends on the individual and the amount of pain they are experiencing. When knee pain symptoms become unbearable, then a doctor should be consulted. A specialist in orthopaedics or a knee pain treatment would be the best person to recommend treatments for this problem.You may want to check out Lake Norman regenerative medicine for more.

Painkillers can be prescribed to alleviate pain and swelling, although over the counter pain killers are not always effective. A knee brace may also be recommended to help with knee pain if it does not improve within a few weeks. Braces are custom made for each patient and are fitted over the injured area and help to take the pressure off the joint. They also support the surrounding cartilage and help prevent further damage to the knee. Swelling may be exacerbated by weight bearing and walking, therefore patients may need to reduce their weight if they have been affected by this and have found it difficult to walk after injury.

Heat treatment is one of the most effective forms of Davidson knee pain treatment, especially where swelling is present and there is a loss of mobility. This form of treatment would be advised for those who are overweight and whose knees are not healing well. Heat is applied to the knee and given a few minutes to soak in before being taken for a treatment. The warmth helps to reduce inflammation and swelling and may make the pain worse so it should only be undertaken after consulting a doctor. Heat treatments can only be used for minor injuries.


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