It is very much possible for you to order a personalized picture to engrave on some metal or wood with the help of photo laser engraving. Photo laser engraving is an economical method of personalizing a picture, photo, or any other item with the use of laser technology. In this method, a computer is used to scan and then print a digital image. The image is then engraved on the metal, wood, or plastic surface of your choice. There are now a number of companies that offer engraving services, including web-based ones. check this out Engraved Pictures

For best results when ordering engraved pictures with photos, the engraver must be able to read the lettering properly. Poorly written lettering can make the finished product look askew. The lettering quality can be checked with an optical device known as a monochrome checker. In case you are using a computer and do not know how to set it to monochrome mode, you can use a software package such as Adobe Acrobat Reader that comes with most operating systems. Some software packages come with this capability built-in.

After selecting the right company, you can start by giving them the order details in writing. The company will then proceed with the engraving process by bringing your custom drawing to the shop where the laser engraving is done. The shop will use a hard resin material to apply the color of paint onto the piece of wood or metal. A photo laser engraver will then apply a stencil that will be used to embed the logo or name of your company or logo, and also a date if you require it. With a high resolution scanner, the engraved stencil will be printed out on top of your custom drawing.