Misinformed and uninformed judgments are often the cause of common skin problems. Here are seven skin-care details that dermatologists seldom disclose.
Acne remedies can be used not only on the bumps, but also on the rest of the skin; we were all taught to apply acne creams directly to the pimples, but never on the whole face. The fact is that acne will appear on other regions of the face as well, and it is better avoided from using drugs on certain areas. Browse this site listing about Las Vegas Skin & Cancer Warm Springs – Dermatologist Las Vegas

Wounds that are wrapped cure quicker than wounds that are allowed to dry out – It points out that wounds that are kept wet heal faster and easier than wounds that are left to dry out.
Acne is not triggered by greasy or sticky ingredients, but it can be caused by milk. We’ve all tended to stop burgers, nuts, and chocolates because we were scared of having major acne outbreaks if we did. The truth is that these foods do not induce acne in the majority of people, while certain people are more vulnerable to greasy and oily foods than others. Dairy ingredients, on the other hand, may be the source of acne since they produce chemicals that activate the glands that cause inflammation and breakouts.
Antiperspirants perform best at night – Do you want to learn a trick to help the antiperspirant work better? Apply it at night, and reapply after a bath in the morning.
Vitamin E slows wound healing – Although Vitamin E may help avoid the development of lesions, it may also slow down wound healing.
Flat moles are a sign of cancer – Moles are known for making or breaking one’s appearance, but they may also carry with them a more unfortunate truth: cancer. Flat moles should be avoided since they can lead to skin cancer.
Wrong. Surgical remedies for wrinkles and crow’s feet offer long-term relief from the symptoms of ageing. That is purely commercial. Wrinkle-reducing products and therapies such as Botox, laser, and the like do not have lasting results. At all, they serve to hide the effects.