For a safe and energy-efficient home, your crawl space must be repaired. Fixing the ground water leak, isolating the house from the soil, sealing out the outside air, and preserving dry air are four basic steps to solving your crawl space problems. If you are looking for more tips, check out visit

To begin, you’ll need to instal a sump pump to divert water away from your base.

The next step is to separate the house from the soil, which, as previously mentioned, can never be completely dry, making it ideal for mould growth. Many homeowners opt for concrete or a synthetic liner as their flooring.

Concrete floors, unfortunately, are brittle and do not always produce the desired results. Meanwhile, some plastic liners are prone to ripping. There are, however, some high-end plastic liners that are well worth the money.

To help water flow to a sump pump, look for a liner made of 20 mil thick flexible plastic that is puncture and tear resistant and has a dimpled polyethylene membrane.

The third move is to keep unconditioned outdoor air OUT. Your best friend is a collection of vent covers. They’ll insulate your house, make it look better, and keep the air out. These plastic vent covers are non-rotting, non-warping, and non-paintable, and will last a long time.

The fourth move is to keep your crawl space dry. A dehumidifier can keep removing moisture from your basement by storing it or cycling it out.