Adding a space to your home that is already used as a basement catch-all is a brilliant addition that will increase its versatility and value. The job would be much less stressful if you do a lot of planning and analysis, as with most remodelling projects.Learn more by visiting  Bowers Plumbing & Remodel

We’ll go over the basic outline so you can fill in the specifics after the out line is complete. Make a decision on what the space will be used for first. Once you and other family members have agreed on the room’s function, draw out the size and location of all the fixtures, such as electrical outlets and plumbing, on paper.

What method will be used to heat and cool the newly remodelled room? What kind of walls will be put up? Will you have to replace the windows and doors? What kind of flooring is going to be used? Let’s get this party started.

Would the space be used as a playroom for children or as a gathering place for friends and family? It may also be a mother’s office or hobby hub. It may also be a library. There are many choices and decisions to be taken. It may simply be a place where family members can relax and unwind.

Can the whole home’s heating and cooling system be used? Or would it need its own heating and air conditioning system? There are a variety of heating options available, including flue-less propane or gas heaters. Electric heaters, of course, have come a long way in terms of usability and reliability in recent years. You may even think of using a wood or pellet stove. One of the additional advantages of heating your basement is that heat will flow upward, keeping the upstairs floor colder.

Water and drain lines must be built well before the walls are put up, so plumbing should be one of the first things to think about. Will you need a wet bar or a kitchenette for entertaining purposes? Having a small refrigerator and a sink to wash glasses and dishes is much more convenient than lugging items up and down the stairs.