There are various types of private investigations such as CCTV surveillance, phone tapping, vehicle tracking, surveillance, secretarial services, secret interviews, document gathering, and personal interviews. The types of investigations depend on the budget of the detective or agency which hires him. Usually small and confidential assignments are performed by private detectives under $1000 a day. A detective might also investigate corporate crimes, frauds, embezzlements, theft, home invasions, missing persons and other sensational cases. The latter are usually high profile and very complex affairs and require extensive investigation techniques.Learn more by visiting McDonald & Associates: Private Investigator Seattle – Seattle Private Investigator

Private investigation techniques include surveillance, interviews, and gathering intelligence information from witnesses, computers, business records, business correspondence, and the criminal background check. The investigator also has to follow leads and gather evidence for investigations. Private detectives also use various means such as surveillance cameras, GPS tracking systems, video and voice recorders and cellular monitoring to obtain crucial evidence. To complete a successful investigation, private investigators must be highly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the case they are investigating. A good private investigator must be able to follow-up on leads provided by their subject and follow-up on any activities of the subject.

With increasing privacy concerns and fears about the misuse of private data by companies and organizations, many people think hiring private investigators is the best way to gather information on suspicious activities and individuals. The growing industry is providing numerous training programs and support services for investigators who have received clearance to conduct investigations in compliance with the law. Private investigators can access social media accounts without permission and determine if the person is being honest about his/her location, age, hobbies and other personal facts. They can reveal sensitive information regarding an individual’s financial health and even reveal the marital status of a person. Private investigators can obtain phone records, bank accounts and assets from individuals without consent.