With wood, you have to be extra careful. It is the one of the most unpredictable materials and even a scratch can give you major problems that you will be unable to repair at home. Of course, when you choose solid wood bedroom furniture, there is no risk for scratches or cracks. This is because solid wood has high density and cannot be damaged easily. It has excellent strength and is very dense and hard.Learn more about this at solid wood bedroom furniture.

However, just like any other type of material, it needs to be treated periodically to ensure that it does not rot and peel. The first step in caring for it is to wipe it down regularly with a clean damp cloth. Wipe it down from top to bottom before using any kind of polish or protection oil. Make sure that you get into all the nooks and crannies of the solid wood and dust as well. After wiping it down, you might consider applying a small amount of protection wax as a protecting agent between the solid wood and the surrounding ones such as the finish.

After using this protection wax, you can apply another layer of protection by using a soft cloth, again wipe it thoroughly and reapply it after every time you do your furniture’s cleaning. You can also protect your furniture from scratches by adding a protective coat of lacquer that can be found in most home improvement stores. For more cleaning ideas, you can browse online furniture shops and magazines for some unique ideas on how to care for solid wood bedroom furniture.

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