Painting a Home’s Exterior

The best time to paint a home’s exterior depends on a variety of factors and varies by climate. Some exterior home surfaces, such as windowsills, must be painted every year, while others, such as siding, must be painted every three years. Other home surfaces that have already received one coat of paint would not need a second for at least five years. Two coats of paint on a surface will last eight to ten years and still look nice for the majority of that time. check New Haven Painters LLC – Painter

There are also visible indicators that a house’s exterior needs to be painted. Mildew and mould, for example, grow on the paint’s surface and replicate in microscopic parts of a paint job, which are held together by moisture as the sun fuels them. These microscopic pieces become roughed up and expand on the older surface as the paint surface becomes older and more brittle. If a power wash isn’t enough to get rid of them, it’s time to recruit Atlanta painting contractors.

Another reason to consider painting the exterior of your house is when the paint colour starts to disappear due to the sun’s relentless ultraviolet rays breaking down the paint and causing the painted surface to become lighter and lighter. It will eventually lose much of its vibrant colour. If the paint surface is left to deteriorate, then chalking happens, and yellow dust from the sun beating down on the paint surface appears; this is an alternative signal that the homeowner can contact Atlanta painting contractors to avoid further damage to the home’s exterior.

Peeling paint indicates the final stage of paint failure, where there is no way to cover the surface under the paint because it has been exposed and would be vulnerable to wood rot, delamination, or rotting stucco in the future. To cover the surfaces below, these damaged parts must be touched up or fully recoated.