Hospice brings emotional, physical, and mental support to the people and place where terminally ill patients call home. Families must also consider their terminally ill loved one’s end-of-life desires carefully as they investigate what to anticipate in hospice vs. in-house hospice care. Many patients can remain in their own home if they prefer that, but many others will have to be admitted into a hospice facility where they may be admitted for a longer period of time. Family members should also be prepared to travel to a hospice facility whenever their loved one is in need of special medical care. The staffs at the hospice are not doctors or nurses, but will administer such medical procedures as breathing tubes, intravenous lines, and more. Learn more about Dallas hospice home care.

Caregivers and family members are often confused about the differences between the in-house and hospice home care. Hospice is actually an independent program offered by hospice organizations, not a part of any medical service unit, and is very different than traditional in-house patient care. Although both are concerned with the patient’s comfort and quality of life, each program has slightly different responsibilities. Hospice is not solely for the terminally ill, while in house programs may have a more personal focus on the patient’s comfort and social interactions within the daily community.

When choosing between hospice home care and traditional in-house hospice services, families should consider hiring a skilled and knowledgeable hospice nurse or social worker to direct their loved ones through their treatment. This person would be an invaluable asset to the patient and their families. While many people assume a nurse is not compassionate or skilled in dealing with terminally ill patients, this is not true. Often times, they are the ones who are able to provide the best type of care because they have dealt with many terminal conditions themselves and can provide the necessary empathy and understanding to help the patient through this difficult time.