When you clean automobiles at office buildings, for example, you usually collect the money after the services are rendered and perform the services on the spot. You stroll in, take orders, get the keys, clean the cars in the parking lot, and then return to ask for money. It’s quite easy and straightforward – in fact, it’s one of the easiest little automobile service businesses you’ll ever come across. Grand Island Fleet Wash has some nice tips on this.

Now, things are very different when it comes to mobile fleet washing, not only in terms of how the services are performed, but also in terms of how you advertise and market your fleet washing services. I was reminded of all of this not long ago when a mobile car wash operator posed the following question:

“What strategies worked best for you in terms of marketing and advertising (without spending a lot of money)?”. Personal sales are the most effective kind of advertising and marketing. Brochures and fliers, as well as good signs on the service van, are the best options. If you want to advertise, I propose local radio, which has listen-as-you-work programming, or chat shows that are relevant to your area. However, unless you want to get incredibly huge fast, you don’t actually need it.

Cable TV advertising is effective, but it is costly. However, if you are launching into a new area and want to saturate it quickly, you may run cable advertising for a few months. You’ll eventually fill up your calendar, and you won’t be able to take their business. Joining the Mayor’s Business Roundtable or a local service organisation, for example, is a wonderful way to network and market your business. I always encourage people to join the Chamber of Commerce.

It’s best to drive through the industrial districts of whatever city you live in, or the places where you want to work, and see what kinds of companies are accessible, as well as how big their fleets are. Then personalise sales letters and walk in and ask to speak with someone, or phone and schedule an appointment. Even if the secretary tells you they aren’t interested, you might be astonished to find out that they are.

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