There are three main benefits of Vinverization which are that the notaries are bonded, they file state and local taxes, and they provide protection for both parties. see here This protects both the buyer and seller and the notary public, who are also a third party. It is important to note that the bonding ensures a notary’s personal liability in the event that he fails to verify the information provided by the buyer and seller as stated before. The second benefit is that it is a prerequisite by most states in order to notarize a document. Last but not least, the fact that notaries are protected by the law protects them from being discriminated against by either the buyer or seller or anyone else involved in the transaction.

The bonding ensures the notaries’ personal liability in the event that he or she violates the agreement. If the notary violated the terms of his bond, the bonding company will compensate the indemnified party for the lost damages. In addition, the notary must disclose any and all potential risk factors associated with the notarization contract in a notary seal and Indorsement card that are provided to all potential clients. The third major benefit of vinverification is that it protects the notary from fraud. If for any reason, a notary finds out that a buyer or a seller is using a notary seal or an Indorsement card without first obtaining the written consent of the client, he or she can revoke the document. If a client uses a notary seal without first obtaining the express permission of the buyer or seller, the notary has the right to revoke the document.

Notaries have the added responsibility of recording oaths of both parties at the time the transaction is executed. One example is when a person is buying or selling real estate, a Power of Attorney or an Estate Planning License may be used as legal evidence. Because a Power of Attorney or Estate Plan serves as a binding agreement between the parties, if the Power of Attorney is revoked for any reason, the estate plan should be terminated along with all related powers. Because a notary is a neutral third party, they are not required to take a side during any negotiation. Therefore, they should act impartially and should only deal with the buyers and sellers described in the notary public’s license.

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