What is the expected number of treatment sessions? What is the approximate size of the area you would like to be treated? What is the density of the hair you’d like to get rid of? Learn more about Touch Up Laser – Las Vegas laser hair removal.┬áThe cost of laser hair removal at your local laser clinic, medical spa, or aesthetic specialist may be influenced by these factors. However, the most important factor in determining treatment costs may not be where, when, or how much hair is removed, but rather the method by which a laser clinic charges for hair removal. Unfortunately, there is no set standard for charging for laser hair removal treatments or a universal laser hair removal pricing list. This means that laser clinics and med spas charge for hair removal in a variety of ways, including flat fees, time, and pulse. Laser hair removal can be done for a set fee at some laser clinics. They give you a pre-determined breakdown of hair removal costs for each body part (i.e. back or bikini line). This could imply that all bikini hair removal costs $100, or that all chest hair removal costs $300. Individual hair growth is not taken into account at these types of skin care clinics. Of course, equality is one thing, but we all know that not all backs are created equal. If a laser hair removal clinic charges $500 for back hair removal across the board, but your back is only mildly to moderately hairy, you may be paying far more than is necessary. Some laser clinics and medical spas charge by the minute, allowing you to purchase laser packages in 15-minute increments. If your skin care specialist charges $100 per 15 minutes and your treatment takes 45 minutes, the total cost will be $300. This could be a great option for treating smaller areas of the body where sessions are only 15 minutes long or less.