What is a real estate agent? A real estate agent, realtor or real estate broker is someone who deals in the sales of property or real estate. An agent can work by themselves, but most often an agent tends to work under an overall licensed broker to legitimately represent clients in real estate transactions. Ocala Real Estate Agents has some nice tips on this. The basic job of a realtor or agent is to provide information and guidance to potential buyers or sellers on a specific piece of property, sometimes they may even help the individual to negotiate the purchase price of the property or the contract terms. Agents usually go to great lengths to keep their clients happy and to make sure that the individuals they represent are getting the best deal possible for their investment. In some cases they may even act as a mediator between sellers and buyers.


Closing a real estate transaction is the next step after the purchase has been made and the contract terms have been agreed upon. Closing agents work with the seller to close the transaction. Closing agents do this by handling all aspects of negotiations including, but not limited to, scheduling closing agents, performing escrow, selecting a title company, accepting payments from buyers, collecting monthly or yearly payments from buyers and closing the transaction. A good closing agent will be very familiar with all the technical aspects of the closing process and make every effort to make the transaction as smooth as possible for the seller. In fact, closing agents are responsible for collecting monthly sums from buyers and for holding title to any property that is purchased.

As you can see, there are two roles that real estate agents play in a real estate transaction; as buyer and as seller. By choosing to work as a buyer, you will be responsible for negotiating the purchase price, escrow, and title insurance. At the same time, as a seller you are responsible for preparing all the documents needed to close the sale and collecting monthly payments from the buyer. Therefore, it is in your best interest to find a buyer who is willing to offer you a higher closing price. When you use a dual agency system, you will be working with people who have extensive experience in the real estate market and who understand your needs as a seller and your need as a buyer.

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