Landscape design is a fine art and an independent profession, practiced chiefly by landscape architects, incorporating nature and human culture into their innovative design and execution. In modern professional practice, landscape architecture merges the practical with the aesthetic, emphasizing the function of the landscape in relation to its relation to the architecture. The use of plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, pathways, fountains, pools, rocks, walls, seating, exterior lighting, gardens and landscaping are common elements in landscape designs. The landscape architect’s primary focus is the creation of livable space, with an eye to improving the aesthetic beauty of the site and its relation to the building envelope. In this practice, the building itself is almost secondary to the aesthetic qualities of the landscape.Do you want to learn more? Visit Landscape Design Rochester MN

The landscape design process incorporates the basic principles of architecture, building sciences, landscaping and horticulture. The main components of this discipline are physical, structural, mechanical, biological, social and aesthetic. These components interact to define the form, function, space and composition of the entire property. There are different approaches and principles used to deal with different types of land such as climate, topography, soils, water availability, building requirements, electrical, gas, heating and cooling considerations, existing structures and vegetation.

Basic Landscape Design Principles The physical and biological components of the landscape must be considered and analyzed to produce a plan of action. The first priority is usually given to the needs of the community in terms of energy requirements, water supply, population, construction considerations and local aesthetics. Local climate and topography are also taken into account. The various aspects of plant life, soil texture, sunlight and climate are taken into account, with the aim of achieving a general balance in composition, structure and form.

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