It’s normally not necessary to remove and rebuild the concrete; instead, you can patch it and help avoid potential problems. Redirect downspouts, add drain tile, and do some concrete raising to bring solid material back under the concrete slabs to prevent water from getting under them. After you’ve fixed the problem, caulking is a good way to seal the cracks and joints. So, when the weather warms up and you start thinking about exterior home and yard improvements, don’t forget to patch up your concrete.Visit Sykesville Concrete Repair for more details.

I recently talked with a homeowner who decided to replace a couple of broken and sunken pieces of concrete sidewalk. The homeowner, unaware that concrete rising is an option, determined that the only option was to remove his old concrete and replace it with new. He rented a mixer and bought 12 concrete bags, a trowel, and some shaping material. He spent around $175 on this. He also had a sledge hammer, as well as shovels and other tools. He spent all day Saturday demoing and scraping the old concrete, creating a pleasant pile to go… somewhere.

He prepared the area and got all in place. The mixing process then began. The new concrete was in place and levelled off after a full day of hard labour; it didn’t look awful, but it wasn’t quite like what he had seen down the street, which had some light lines in it (boomed). His new concrete was smooth because he didn’t realise, he needed to broom the finish, and it was too late at that stage. The end result was a tired and sore homeowner with smooth sidewalk parts, a day’s worth of time, and $175 less in his pocket for an “almost OK” job. Oh, and he had a pile of broken concrete to get rid of as well. Sounds like a good time?

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