A dispensary is an institution where drugs, medical supplies and other items are dispensed. In a conventional dispensary setup, a licensed pharmacist usually dispenses medicine per the order or prescription form supplied by the patient. Medication that requires a prescription is normally displayed on a counter top or wall of the dispensary. The dispensing of medicine is usually controlled by a registered pharmacist. In some cases however, an independent licensed dealer, who is not a pharmacist, can also handle these matters.I strongly suggest you to visit dispensary near me to learn more about this.

There are many differences between a conventional Dispensary and a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. It should be noted that marijuana is classified as a Schedule II drug, which means it has a high potential for abuse and addiction. Due to this fact alone, it is in the state of Colorado’s best interest to make sure that it is kept in facilities that are equipped to detect and stop any improper use or distribution of this substance. Many people may question why the regulation and licensing of such businesses differ from a regular pharmacy but the main difference lies in the methods used by the pharmacist in a dispensary to dispense medicine.

In a conventional Dispensary, the pharmacist is directly involved with each transaction including the provision of medical marijuana to the patient. This means that a patient may come to the front door and simply hand the pharmacist a prescription, which he or she then fills. Once completed, the patient may take a seat and wait while the prescriptions are completed. Alternatively, many marijuana Dispensaries have what is called a “waiting room”. Here, the patient can sit down, relax, and receive their medication without having to stand in line or go through the traditional red carpet waiting room setup.


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