It can be extremely annoying when the garage door is disabled or does not start functioning properly. Generally speaking, you have two options: you can try to fix your current door, or you can replace it with a new one that will work better hopefully. Tempe Garage Door Installation has some nice tips on this. Both methods have their pros and cons. It appears to be easier to repair the mechanism, but does not always function, particularly if you have an older mechanism for which it may be challenging to get parts or if the motor itself has burned out. Having a service person who you can trust is crucial such that the expense of repairing a door doesn’t get out of control.

Replacing the door also has advantages: although it may cost a little more, you will have the opportunity to install a more modern door that is virtually guaranteed to work better, and may better fit your house’s architecture and design. Make sure to shop carefully to get the best deal at the door, and obtain multiple estimates for door installation.

If possible, get a long installation warranty so you can get the installation guy back to your location to fix it at no cost for you if anything goes wrong in the future or if the installation was faulty. Having a new garage door is also a wonderful opportunity to introduce a new colour or door design to your house which you would not have done otherwise.

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