One-time users do not expect a negative drug test outcome just because they took the drug once; a urine drug test would always show them positive days or weeks of use. Dispensary Near Me has some nice tips on this. Marijuana use can usually be observed in the urine 2-5 hours after the first use.And if marijuana/THC has passed through your saliva and urine, it can still be found in your hair follicles. When you take a prescription, it gets into your bloodstream. Blood nourishes and aids in the growth of your hair, and if the blood contains any drug traces, these get embedded in the hair and grow out of it.

 Hair can grow out long enough from the scalp to be cut after around a week of drug use, and drug use can be identified in that hair. Drugs take a long time to degrade in hair; market hair testing laboratories can only go back 90 days (industry standard), but courts and other authorities may order a test that examines the hair for a longer period of time.Naturally, the body hair can contain drug residue, and since body hair grows more slowly, a year is considered the detection window for body hair.

The only caveat is that marijuana does not always mix well with hair in hair drug tests, so even a regular user could test negative (while someone who smokes rarely might test positive). This condition does not occur with any of the other widely hair-tested substances, such as cocaine, but it is unclear why this is the case. Hair drug testing can detect marijuana in your system, but it is less effective than urine tests, which are 98% accurate.

The frequency at which you consume marijuana is one of the most important factors in determining how long it lasts in your system. THC is fat soluble, because when marijuana is smoked, the THC is absorbed by the body’s fat cells.

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